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Signed into law in 2010, The Affordable Care Act makes sweeping changes to our health-care system. In general, the legislation mandates that most individuals have minimum health insurance or face a possible tax. And while employers are not required to offer health insurance to their employees, those electing not to offer coverage may face a penalty. How does the health-care reform law affect you? If you have health insurance, can you keep it? If you’re a small business owner, do you have to offer insurance to your employees or face a penalty? How does the law affect seniors and Medicare? These are just some of the topics that our Health-Care Reform Resource Center explores.

  • Your Parent’s Financial Future: What You Can Do NOW

    Have a plan before you need a plan, because by the time you need one, it’s too late. Corey Luckett, CFP® The Shobe Financial Group No matter how young or old your parents are, you want to be preparing to help and, perhaps ultimately, handle their financial future. The up-coming need for managing their financial […]

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  • Evaluating Your Medicare Options – Shobe Insights: Q3 2016

    As Told By Edward Shobe, CFP®, CLU®: My wife and I originally had a Medicare Advantage plan, which we purchased after meeting with an insurance consultant. This plan was wonderful until we discovered there was no coverage when I was referred to a doctor outside of my network. We learned that my original plan was not […]

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  • Financial Action Plan for New Physicians

    Financial Action Plan for New Physicians As a physician you may have significant student loans, no time to educate yourself on financial matters and a new, higher income. New physicians are faced with deciding how to proceed with their new found financial situation. With over 30 years of experience working with physicians, The Shobe Financial […]

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  • Giving Back – Shobe Insights: Q4 2015

    Would you rather read this in pdf form? Click here! GIVING BACK AT THE SHOBE FINANCIAL GROUP The Shobe Financial Group deeply cares about contributing to the Baton Rouge community. In an effort to support the well-being of the community’s smaller inhabitants, we held two information sessions spotlighting the development of Our Lady of the Lake […]

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