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Women often face unique challenges and circumstances throughout their lives. That's why we've launched a new education center that looks at different financial topics from a woman's perspective. Money management; navigating the business world; the financial implications of marriage and raising a family; as well as retirement, estate, and investment planning – these are just some of the topics that we'll explore.

  • Misconceptions About 529 Plans

    Just like the kids you’re saving college funds for, 529 plans are often misunderstood. Read on to learn how 529 plans are more flexible than you may think. They can be set up by anyone, for anyone, and used for a variety of education costs at all kinds of institutions, not just typical four-year colleges. […]

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  • Planning to Give – Shobe Insights: Q4 2016

    With the holiday season approaching many want to give back to their favorite charities or causes. A donor-advised fund (DAF) offers an easy way to make significant charitable gifts over a long period of time. A DAF is similar to a private foundation, but requires less money, time, legal assistance, and administration to establish and maintain. A […]

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  • Evaluating Your Medicare Options – Shobe Insights: Q3 2016

    As Told By Edward Shobe, CFP®, CLU®: My wife and I originally had a Medicare Advantage plan, which we purchased after meeting with an insurance consultant. This plan was wonderful until we discovered there was no coverage when I was referred to a doctor outside of my network. We learned that my original plan was not […]

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  • To have and to hold, again: when getting remarried, financial planning may be more important than wedding planning

    For a variety of reasons, second (or third) marriages are becoming the norm. With them come blended families with ex-spouses, stepkids, half siblings and a whole new financial picture. We’re not discounting the power of love, but if you’re contemplating getting married again, there are questions you need to ask – and answer – to […]

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    THINGS TO REMEMBER Once the difficult decision to end a marriage has been made and the process is set in motion, you’re suddenly faced with making choices that will deeply affect you for the short and long term. With all of the legal, financial and emotional complexities that must be confronted, keeping track of all […]

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  • Finding the Right Money and Marriage Mix

    Walk Together Through Your Financial Future Before You Take that First Step Down the Aisle   With marriage comes excitement, and reflection for where you’ve been and where you’re headed together in life. Enhance all of the positivity surrounding this new stage with proactive discussions and planning to make sure you and your spouse are on the same […]

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