Emergency Preparedness – Shobe Insights: Q2 2016

Summer is finally here and all of us are making plans to enjoy the beautiful weather in various ways. But summer often brings with it a higher chance of natural disasters. This is no reason to be worried, but it is good motivation to stay prepared. Emergency preparation can be more than initially meets the eye. When an emergency is nearing, most people think about the immediate needs, such as food, water, clothing, and shelter. These are absolutely essential, but so are the financial needs that can be often overlooked. Shobe Financial suggests these helpful reminders to further prepare you for this season.


Some hazards are location specific, so get to know the situations that are more likely to occur in your area. Be sure that the insurance policies you currently own are applicable to your potential needs. Ideally, look for a policy that will provide full replacement value. We recommend periodic communication with your insurance agent, verifying that you have proper coverage. Also, it is important to have current record of your assets. A video recording of your valuables and belongings is a very convenient method to take inventory. It doesn’t have to be a formal recording. It can be as simple as a video walkthrough of your house, recorded on your phone.


To be sure that your needs are met, it is also crucial to consider quick cash flow. Banks may be closed or ATM’s unavailable, and you may not be able to access your money as usual. We suggest reserving enough cash for a week of living expenses. Temporary relocation expenses should also be taken into consideration.


When disaster strikes, it is imperative to have quick access to important documents, including,

  • Personal Identification Documents

  • Medical Documents

  • Financial Documents

We recommend you retrieve these important documents long before the need is present. After compiling documents, create and maintain a home filing system. Store it in a safe and accessible location that your household is familiar with. The checklist below was compiled by The Shobe Financial Group for your assistance.

emergency preparedness, financial checklist

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Posted May 25, 2016 in Insurance News Articles Planning