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Dear Clients, Staff, and Friends-

The Coronavirus is a concern for all of us. It seems we learn that more steps are being taken hourly to keep our health in check and the virus from spreading; and many activities, businesses, events, schools, gatherings are being canceled or eliminated altogether. However, rest assured that all of our financial planning and investment management activities continue, and our team is available to assist.

We have a long list of actions in place to prevent the risk of disease to clients, staff, and any visitor to our office, and are working to make sure our operations are maintained at the highest levels with concern for our health and yours. We have made a significant investment in technology that will allow a seamless transition to a remote work environment – and have capabilities to host our meetings remotely. While we enjoy the ability to meet live and in-person, these remote conversations allow for convenient and social-distance-compliant communications.

As a precaution, we are
  • Limiting our team members who are working at the office versus working from home in order to comply with social distancing.  
  • Monitoring our own activities and exposures with others coming into our offices and offering numerous methods for cleaning hands including old fashion soap and various disinfecting gels in different locations.  
  • Disinfecting of all our facilities frequently including all doorknobs, computer keyboards, phones, surfaces, etc. 
  • Monitoring the health of all staff and their family’s needs associated with school/ health/ other cancellations, and determining how best to meet staff needs as good employers while still meeting the needs of our clients.   
  • Eliminating any non-packaged food or drinks other than in individualized portions. 
  • Restricting our travel except when determined that a positive outcome could only be achieved by sending one of our key staff; then we will take all precautions during and after the event.  
Some of the actions we are taking now designed to continue our relationships include:
  • Remote meetings. Meetings will still be the backbone of our relationship with our clients, but for the immediate future, these will be done remotely (either by phone or web conference). Many clients who live long distances and some Baton Rouge-based clients have preferred this method of communication previously to facilitate a speedy meeting since it saves the drive time and can be easier to schedule because of this time savings.   
  • Online availability of your account data and other information. Your investment portfolio is available online 24/7/365 through Raymond James, the custodian of assets. In addition, many of your documents like wills, trusts, powers of attorney or other, tax returns, pension statements, etc. can be stored in a secure digital “vault” providing access to both of us. As we proceed down this path of utilizing technology, the possibilities to communicate and share remotely will become easier. We would be glad to help you set up access to your online portal.  
We have always enjoyed our face to face meetings as they allow time for sharing of other events in our lives for truly involved relationships. Our relationships and client satisfaction are completely based on meeting your needs and providing value, so please take a minute to think about what might work best for you and let us know. We will be adding this to our agenda to learn your preferences.

This memo was longer than intended, but thanks for reading and let’s all stay safe, healthy (or recover quickly if affected by Coronavirus or any other disease) and enjoy our lives. We will do all we can to assist!


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