Social Security/Medicare Category

Millions of baby boomers are set to retire in the next 20 years, and most will rely on Social Security as an important source of retirement income. As they approach retirement, Americans want to understand how Social Security works. How much will they receive from Social Security? When should they begin receiving retirement benefits? What challenges is the Social Security system facing?

These are some of the topics that our Social Security Resource Center explores.

  • Infographic: Working in Retirement

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  • Social Security Myths and Misconceptions

      There’s no doubt about it. Filing for Social Security can be daunting. There’s a ton of information – and misinformation – to weed through, as well as the need for some calculations based on several variables. Your benefits depend on your age, how long you’ve worked, what you earned, your marital status and number […]

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  • Nine to Five, Beyond 65

      The idea of retirement may conjure images of leisurely days spent reading, pursuing hobbies and traveling. Today, however, many retirement age Americans are choosing to, well, not really retire at all. According to a U.S. jobs report, almost 19% of people 65 or older were working at least part time in the second quarter […]

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  • Alternatives to Long-Term Care Insurance

      The costs of long-term care can be overwhelming, potentially exhausting retirement income and savings. You may be thinking about buying long-term care insurance (LTCI) to help cover some of the potential costs of long-term care, but LTCI can be expensive, and if you do buy the coverage, you probably hope you never have to […]

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  • Working in Retirement

    Working in Retirement: What You Need to Know

    Planning on working during retirement? If so, you’re not alone. Recent studies have consistently shown that a majority of retirees plan to work at least some period of time during their retirement years. Here are some points to consider. Why Work During Retirement? Obviously, if you work during retirement, you’ll be earning money and relying […]

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  • Medicare and Employee

    Medicare and Your Employer Health Plan

      If you plan to continue working after you reach age 65, you may be wondering how Medicare coordinates with your employer’s group health plan. When you’re eligible for both types of coverage, you’ll need to consider the benefits and costs, and navigate an array of rules. How does Medicare work with your group health […]

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