Frequently Asked Questions - Shobe Financial Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Who is your typical client?

A.  The Shobe Financial Group works with a wide range of individuals, professionals, institutions and families. We do not seek one-time engagements.  Instead, we seek lasting relationships which allow us to use a holistic approach, wrapping our arms around our client’s financial life.

We believe those who often feel the most reward from a relationship with us are those who feel they have no time, no knowledge, and/or no interest to manage their financial affairs.  Our typical client has reached a point where seeking custom advice and guidance helps them enjoy and focus on other areas.

Q. What can I expect as a client?

A. As a client, you will be provided with objective yet personal advice to address all questions and concerns relating to your financial affairs. Our team of professionals will work with you in creating and implementing tailored strategies to help you pursue your financial goals. We would like to meet with you regularly to keep all information up-to-date and to create a personal, lasting relationship.