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Investment Management

For individuals or institutions seeking professional investment management, we offer a disciplined investment process which is a core service offering of The Shobe Financial Group.  As an independent registered investment advisory firm, we:

  • help identify the suitable asset allocation for your financial situation,
  • diversify the investments used within each asset class,
  • determine the appropriate vehicle for implementation of your investment strategy, and
  • provide ongoing account management and monitoring.

You will receive sophisticated and objective advice designed to help build assets under management and minimize risk. Other included services include goal setting and risk tolerance, investment tax planning, and guidance on required minimum distributions.

Together, we will work to explore your goals and develop specialized paths to optimize the potential for asset preservation and accumulation.  With certified and trusted advisors on your side, you can focus on the things important to you, knowing that your investments are managed effectively.

For more information on these services, please Contact Us.