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The Shobe Difference

The key to achieving any goal is to follow a well-devised path. The Shobe Financial Group will help you establish, maintain and adjust a path that is the right fit for you through a number of our custom tailored proprietary tools.

Your Success is Our Priority

Our ultimate goal is to help you reach your life goals through good financial decisions! Going into a new client relationship, we strive to identify all strengths and weaknesses in your current situation and recommend strategies, structures, procedures, and products to enhance your position.

We understand each client has different needs which reflect the circumstances that accompany their success. That is why our unique, tailored approach to wealth management brings you objective advice that goes beyond the numbers from a team of committed advisors. The result is a personal financial plan designed for each chapter of your life.


Our team of 8 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, with over 100 years of collective experience, will use all available resources to build a thorough strategy to help you and/or your business pursue your financial objectives. Because building relationships is just as important as building a portfolio. We begin by learning about you, your family, and your business. This means an in-depth understanding of your goals and the challenges you face. 

We start by asking four key questions:
 What are your dreams and goals?
How are you are going to reach those objectives?
Where are you on your journey to realizing those dreams?
Does your current financial plan reflect your vision?

With these answers, we are able to craft a Financial Game Plan that is in alignment with your values and the future you want.


How can we add value to your lives?
Now it’s time to match your goals, interests, and values with our in-depth resources and highly experienced personnel. With your financial goals and circumstances in mind,  our team will create your Strategic Wealth Road Map™. This will include a comprehensive snapshot of your current finances alongside your lifestyle ambitions and the metrics with which you can achieve them.

You will also have a quarterly breakdown of the steps we are taking over the next two years. On a regular basis, we will review where you are, discuss any changes in your life, and ensure that your plan continues to reflect the needs of your family.


Our whole team. Your whole way.
The resources available to you as a client include our people, process, and philosophy. At Shobe Financial, we know financial planning is a team effort. These days, one mind just isn’t enough. That’s why, as a client, you’ll have access to a whole team of financial planners with a wide range of experience, always available to respond to any and all parts of your financial life.

With an extensive menu of services, our team of advisors can adapt to each client’s specific needs. These areas may include retirement planning, education funding, tax planning, investment management, long-term care, succession planning, charitable giving, executive benefits, and many others.


One goal we all share is the goal of retirement. Retirement means different things to different people, but generally, it is thought to be a time when you can change direction.

RESt™ – The Shobe Financial Group’s Retirement Equalization Strategy™ will help you to make decisions that work for your life while on the path to your personal retirement goals. Our advisors’ factor in all you need to meet your retirement lifestyle goals, analyze your personal investment and savings approach, and establish a long-term strategy to get you where you want to go.