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Retirement Planning

The dream of long vacations, relaxing afternoons, and family time are many of the reasons to plan for retirement. Our careful planning and financial support can help you reach your goal of continuing your lifestyle throughout retirement. We will help you plan, transition, and remain confident from your working days and throughout retirement.

Retirement Accumulation Planning

Retirement is a distant but daunting future event for many people.  Common questions are “How much should I be saving?” or “Do I have enough?”

When Retirement Accumulation Planning is done using Shobe Financial RESt® there is a certain feeling of independence and confidence because you have a plan to meet your retirement goals.

If you have questions about your retirement future, our team of trusted advisors can help you build your resources while you are working through an analysis of your goals and assets. As a part of this process, we will help develop an income strategy to provide you the opportunity to continue your current lifestyle throughout retirement.  Services include guidance with accumulation strategies, the impact of disability, retirement and survivor needs, and advice on outside accounts.

Together, we can develop a custom plan that helps ensure your financial stability when your working years are over.  With over 30 years in business, we can address the tough questions, to help put you on track to retiring.

Retirement Distribution Planning

Managing one’s financial resources during retirement can be intimidating.  After all, no one wants to find themselves in a position where their financial resources do not match their spending habits and life expectancy.

We understand the importance of balancing a client’s spending needs with the appropriate portfolio withdrawal rate to sustain a client’s financial resources over the long term.  Together we’ll design a plan that is comfortable and can be easily followed and implemented.   Services include guidance on Social Security, retirement and income distributions, cash flow, potential estate issues, and long-term health care.

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